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103-year-old B.C. man fundraising for Ukrainian children

An Oak Bay, B.C., man is once again making headlines by raising money for charity.

John Hillman, who is a veteran of the Second World War, will be walking 103 laps around his care home to celebrate 103 years on the Earth.

Hillman turned 103 in March, and plans to walk 10 laps around his care home each day to raise money for the charity “Save The Children,” which will benefit Ukrainian kids and families who are forced to flee from home.

His fundraising walk will kick off on May 2, and he says he’ll be walking Monday though Friday each week, taking breaks only on weekends “because the staff take the weekends off,” he says.

The centenarian says he hopes to raise $103,000 for charity, and it’s not the first time he’s taken on such a lofty goal.

For the past two years, he’s done 101 and 102 laps on his birthdays, raising hundreds of thousands dollar for non-profits during the height of the pandemic.

Hillman says he’ll do at least 103 laps around the care home this year “depending on how the donations go.”

“A minimum of 103,” he said, adding that he’ll walk more if donations keep coming in.

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, Hillman says it’s important not to forget children during wartime.

“These children need feeding, they need water, they need accommodation, they need to be housed and looked after,” he said. “We need to include them.”

Donations to Hillman’s campaign can be made on the Save The Children website. 



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