Are stink bugs trying to get into your home? Here’s why that’s bad


They’re known as stink bugs, so that you might be forgiven for not taking a shine to them — and now provincial officers and the Invasive Species Council of B.C. are highlighting considerations about the unfold of brown marmorated stink bugs in elements of the province.

The bugs launch a robust odour when crushed, or typically merely when dealt with or injured. It’s described as a pungent coriander-like scent. But the actual concern with such a stink bug is the harm they’ll do to a few of B.C.’s favorite crops.

“This brown marmorated stink bug is a bad stink bug. It will feed on grapes, it’ll feed on tree fruit, it’ll feed on greens, it’ll feed on berries,” stated Susanna Acheampong, an entomologist with the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture.

According to Acheampong, the bugs, which initially got here to North America from Asia, started to seem in B.C. in 2015. They’re now properly established in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, on Vancouver Island, and within the Kelowna space.

Stink bugs trying to get inside your home

It’s round this time of the yr that folks could discover stink bugs congregating in or round their properties; Acheampong stated they’re in search of a heat place to shelter for the winter.

Brown marmorated stink bugs have piercing mouth elements that harm fruit and different produce as they feed. (Yonathan Uriel/Invasive Species Council of B.C.)

There are just a few methods to take care of them, and destroying them is really helpful by the province, together with sealing up your home to allow them to’t enter.

“Just use paper towel to decide them up. They do not like water, so have some soapy water. You drop them in; they are going to die. So you may kill them,” stated Acheampong, who added which you can sweep them up or use a vacuum as properly.

According to Gail Wallin, govt director of the Invasive Species Council of B.C., killing stink bugs that seem in your house will not do a lot to cease the regarding unfold of the species, nevertheless it’s higher than placing them again outdoors.

“For any invasive species, it requires having an built-in pest administration plan,” stated Wallin, who went on to say broad co-ordination can be required to attempt to eradicate the bugs from any space.

Stopping the unfold

But Wallin stated there are issues individuals can do to assist stop the bugs from taking maintain in areas the place they don’t seem to be already established.

Stink bugs are referred to as nice hitchhikers, so conserving a watch out for the bugs — that are sometimes about 1.5 cm lengthy, with a shield-shaped physique and lengthy antennae with white stripes — and never giving them a free experience will assist.

“Make certain you do not transfer these stink bugs to different elements of the province,” she stated.

Wallin additionally stated sightings might be reported — each on the Invasive Species Council of B.C. web site and on the provincial authorities’s web site.

Acheampong stated there is not any want to report the bugs in the event you see them round Kelowna, Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley or Vancouver Island, however in the event you spot them elsewhere in B.C. they are often reported on-line.


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