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COVID-19 vaccine did not cause gorilla’s liver cancer: Calgary Zoo

As the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo comforts a beloved member of its gorilla troop, officials are addressing unfounded online speculation regarding the cause of the animal’s advanced liver cancer.

The zoo received an outpouring of support after announcing last week that Kimani, a six-year-old western lowland gorilla, had pediatric liver cancer but, sprinkled amongst the positive social media comments, were claims the disease was caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Thursday, zoo officials nipped the inaccurate speculation in the bud.

“As a science-driven organization, we feel the need to add accurate information to this conversation: Kimani’s behavioural changes began four months ago – she received her COVID-19 vaccination very recently. The two are not related,” said the zoo in a statement posted on its Facebook page.

“Our sensitive species were provided with COVID-19 vaccine protection over the last few months based on a large body of research. None of our animals experienced side effects from their vaccinations and remain healthy.

“We will remain transparent and will continue to proactively moderate the conversations taking place on our social media pages to ensure they are respectful.”

Zoo officials say Kimani remains in serious to critical condition and palliative care may be the only option at this time.



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