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Failed Conservative leadership candidate resolves issue with party


A failed candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership says he will put his efforts to appeal the decision to rest.

In a joint statement with the party, Joel Etienne says he spoke with senior officials about his concerns with the selection process.

Etienne was one of three candidates who mounted a run but did not succeed in getting verified.

Earlier in the week, his campaign expressed dismay at his rejection, saying Etienne had raised the necessary $300,000 and garnered the required 500 signatures to run, but was turned away by the party nonetheless.

In a statement, Etienne now says that after speaking to party officials he’s voluntarily withdrawn his appeal and is encouraging other racialized and Jewish Canadians to continue supporting the Conservative party.

Ian Brodie, head of the party’s leadership election organizing committee, says he’s satisfied all the rules were followed and thanked Etienne for putting his name forward.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 6, 2022.



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