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Health Canada recalls 9 hand sanitizers

Health Canada has recalled nine hand sanitizers, three manufactured from Up on Me Imports Inc. and six from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company, citing quality concerns.

In a recall notice issued by Health Canada on Monday, the agency advised anyone using Davey Hand Sanitizer Gel or hand sanitizing wipes by Up on Me Imports Inc. to stop using the products immediately and speak to a health-care professional if they have health concerns.

The recall has also been extended to Nomad Hand Sanitizers by the Rocky Mountain Soap Company.

The agency said Up on Me Imports Inc.’s Davey Hand Sanitizer Gel was recalled due to quality concerns or “oversight of product.” At the same time, their hand sanitizing wipes may contain undeclared benzalkonium chloride, a disinfectant that the products were “not authorized to contain,” according to the recall notice.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Nomad Hand Sanitizers were also recalled due to quality concerns, with the agency saying the products may contain elevated levels of methanol.

“Frequent exposure to hand sanitizers containing elevated levels of methanol may cause skin irritation, eye irritation, breathing problems, and headaches. If swallowed, methanol can cause severe adverse reactions, including death,” Health Canada said.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company was also subject to a Health Canada recall for its Nomad Hand Sanitizers in June due to the potential for undeclared methanol.

Health Canada advises that Canadians should consult their municipal or regional guidelines on properly disposing of the products. The products can also be returned to local pharmacies for disposal.

Here is a list of the latest hand sanitizers included in Health Canada’s recall list, as of July 11:

  • Davey’s Hand Sanitizer

  • Davey’s Sanitizing Hand Wipes

  • Up On Me Imports Inc. Hand Sanitizing Wipes

  • Nomad Hand Sanitizer Jasmine

  • Nomad Hand Sanitizer Lavender

  • Nomad Hand Sanitizer Lemongrass

  • Nomad Hand Sanitizer Scent Free

  • Nomad Hand Sanitizer Summertime

  • Nomad Hand Sanitizer Winter Cheer

A list of all previously recalled hand sanitizers across Canada can be found here.



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