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Mattea Roach wins 17th ‘Jeopardy!’ match by just $1

Wednesday night’s “Jeopardy!” episode was a nail-biter, but Mattea Roach managed to squeeze out her 17th win — this time by just $1.

Roach has now earned a total of US$396,182.

With contestant Ben Hsia — an engineer from California — hot on her tail, Roach took a chance on a Daily Double under the “Anatomy of Words” category, wagering $8,000 Wednesday night.

“You know what, if I wager a lot and lose today, like, whatever, I had such a good run,” she told host Ken Jennings.

The risky bet paid off, with Roach correctly guessing “rib” to the following clue: “to gently tease another person.”

That brought Roach to $23,600, giving her a more comfortable lead over Hsia, who had earned $14,400.

Then, it all came down to Final Jeopardy!, with Roach sitting at $27,200 and Hsia trailing behind with $13,600.

“This has been a roller-coaster of a game,” noted Jennings.

The category was “Poets” and the clue was this:

“In 1939, he was buried near his last residence in France, but his body arrived in Galway en route to final burial on September 17, 1948.”

Determined to beat the 23-year-old tutor, Hsia wagered every penny — $13,600.

He guessed the correct response – Yeats – earning him $27,200, and putting him in a tie with Roach.

Roach waited until the very end of the music to scribble her response. She had only wagered $1, but with the correct response, it earned her $27,201 — just $1 more than Hsia.


According to the “Jeopardy!” daily box score, Roach attempted to buzz in 41 times and was successful 31 times, for a success rate of 76 per cent.

She had 30 correct responses and three incorrect responses, for a success rate of 91 per cent during Wednesday’s show. She answered one Daily Double correctly and one incorrectly.

Throughout Roach’s 17 appearances on “Jeopardy!”, she has had 459 correct responses and 37 incorrect responses, for a success rate of 93 per cent.

She has answered 21 of 25 Daily Doubles correctly, for a success rate of 84 per cent, and has had 11 out of a possible 17 correct responses during Final Jeopardy!, for a success rate of 65 per cent.

Roach, who is originally from Halifax but now lives in Toronto, first applied to be on the long-running game show in 2020. This January, she was invited to Los Angeles to tape an episode.

Roach will attempt her 18th win Thursday night, when she will face off against Renee Russell, a branch office administrator from Maryland, and Manav Jain, an undergraduate student from South Carolina.

Her wins give her the show’s longest winning streak by a Canadian and have earned her a spot in the Tournament of Champions, which is set to air in the fall.



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