Meteor spotted over Manitoba | CTV News


Several individuals in Manitoba acquired a transparent take a look at a celestial sight Thursday night time.

A meteor was caught streaking throughout the sky within the province, with cameras catching it in Winnipeg and different areas north of the town.

“This is basically the larger cousin of the typically falling star, shooting star, or meteor, whatever you want to call it that we see sort of all the time, but this is a bigger version of it,” mentioned Scott Young, planetarium astronomer with the Manitoba Museum.

“They’re pretty rare for an individual to see; we don’t spend a lot of time looking at the sky.”

Videos of the meteor, which Young mentioned is “one to remember,” present it giving off a brilliant inexperienced fireball because it burns.

“As these things come in through the atmosphere, and they basically burn up, their materials give off different colors of light,” he mentioned. “And so, relying on what the fabric is, and how briskly it is going, you get these completely different colours.

“Green is a very commonly seen one. Partly because the things that are in meteorites, iron and nickel and other trace elements like that copper, give off green, but also because our eyes are most sensitive to green light, when we’re using our night vision, and that’s what most people would have had is their night time vision.”

In addition to Winnipeg, the meteor was additionally spotted in North Dakota, northwestern Ontario and in Manitoba’s Interlake area, Young mentioned.

He provides individuals in these areas ought to test their doorbell or dashboard cameras to see if they’ve spotted one thing.


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