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‘Money Heist’ Korean remake to debut in June

Netflix has announced it will be releasing the Korean remake of its hit Spanish crime drama “Money Heist” just in time for summer.

The streaming giant shared a 43-second trailer for “Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area” Friday, which revealed that the new series will premiere on June 24.

“Money Heist” (known in Spanish as “La Casa de Papel”) ended last year after five seasons. It followed a mysterious criminal mastermind called The Professor and his crew of skilled thieves as they attempt an elaborate heist on Spain’s Royal Mint.

The show captivated audiences across the globe and became one of the streaming giant’s most addictive offerings after its 2017 debut.

The new Korean version, directed by Kim Hong-sun, is expected to follow a similar plot to the original.

The teaser for the 12-episode remake gives viewers a glimpse of the cast, which includes stars such as “Squid Game” actor Park Hae-soo, “Lost” actress Yunjin Kim and Jeon Jong-seo (“Burning”), masked and in red boiler suits.

Instead of the signature Salvador Dali mask used in “Money Heist,” the new show uses a traditional Korean Hahoetal mask.

The new show’s ominous tone is set from the beginning of the video with a voice-over intoning: “A robber who steals petty cash either gets killed after being chased or ends up in jail. But a robber who steals at a massive scale can change the world and even become a hero. Of all the money heists we’ll pull off the biggest one yet.”



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