Observatory image of vela supernova star remnants


Vivid documentation of an 11,000-year-old star “ghost” was captured by way of telescope this Halloween.

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) was in a position to take an image of the colourful aftermath of a large Vela Supernova star after it exploded, despite the fact that the star died hundreds of years in the past. 

“When we had been processing this image, its ethereal and wispy look instantly made us assume this may be an ideal image to launch on Halloween,” Juan Carlos Munoz-Mateos, astronomer and media officer at ESO, instructed CTVNews.ca in an e mail. “We’re actually seeing the leftovers of a star that died with a bang about 11,000 years in the past – it does not get any extra ghostly than that.”

Captured in an in depth 554-million-pixel image, the star remnant is thought to be the closest one to Earth at simply 800 million light-years away.

The vivid orange and pink clouds pictured within the image are a outcome of the outermost layers of the star being ejected into the encompassing fuel because it explodes.  

During their lives, stars fuse easy parts like hydrogen and helium into heavier ones like carbon or oxygen, parts that are then expelled into the interstellar medium when the star dies, in accordance with Munoz-Mateos. 

“If this occurs by way of a supernova explosion, just like the one which created the constructions we see on this image, then even heavier parts are produced through the explosion itself. Later on, new stars and planets may kind out of that enriched fuel, and they’ll incorporate all these heavy parts.”

Munoz-Mateos says that when astronomers say people are “star stuff,” they’re referring to the truth that the complicated atoms in our our bodies like carbon, iron or calcium had been solid way back in stars that not exist.

“This is in my view one of probably the most profound outcomes astronomy has ever produced, and it is what I take into consideration after I have a look at this image.”


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