SMU student’s death confirmed as meningitis


The death of a scholar from Halifax’s Saint Mary’s University over the weekend in hospital is a confirmed case of meningitis.

Nova Scotia public well being isn’t saying way more about who died or the pressure of meningitis recognized, however senior regional medical officer of well being Dr. Ryan Sommers says there is no such thing as a outbreak.

Dr. Sommers says public well being has contacted greater than a dozen individuals thought of shut contacts of the coed.

“And within 10 days of their last exposure, we’ll offer them an antibiotic to take, to help eradicate any presence of the bacteria that they may have,” he says.

Dr. Sommers says they may also be capable of entry a strain-specific vaccine.

For 20-year-old Alex Ryan, the information of the death hits house.

“Hearts go out to the family specifically, but also the friends and all the other connections,” says Ryan.

Ryan is the co-director of an consciousness group, “B for Kai”, which started after his finest buddy, Kai Matthews, died of meningitis final May on the age of 19.

At the time, Matthews was a scholar at Acadia University. He died 30 hours after creating a excessive fever and chills, attributable to meningococcal meningitis sort B — the deadliest pressure.

That pressure is just not lined by Nova Scotia’s public vaccination program.

After his death, Matthew’s household and mates started campaigning for higher entry to the MenB vaccine, internet hosting campus immunization clinics and lobbying post-secondary establishments to cowl the shot via scholar well being plans. 

The vaccine is now lined for college students at Dalhousie University, St. Francis Xavier, and NSCC. Thursday, a spokesperson with SMU instructed CTV News its scholar affiliation well being plan additionally consists of the MenB vaccine.

“I would love to check off the box of having it covered at every university and post-secondary school across Canada,” says Ryan. “I think that’s within reach, and where we’re at only a year into B for Kai, the amount that we have accomplished, I think it’s entirely doable.”

“It’s just about continuing with what we’ve done so far.”

Bacterial meningitis spreads via direct contact with saliva and nasal secretions, in actions such as sharing food and drinks, utensils or glasses, toothbrushes, and kissing. 

Dr. Sommers says for all strains, the results will be critical, with 10 per cent of instances being deadly. Another 10 to twenty per cent of sufferers, he says, can endure important results such as listening to loss or mind injury.

One of the challenges of the sickness, he provides, is that signs can progress inside hours.

“The big red flags to watch for are severe fever, very stiff neck, and the presence of the rash,” he says. “Then individuals ought to search medical care as quickly as doable.”

Other signs embrace intense headache, sensitivity to gentle, and adjustments in alertness.

Vaccines lined below the provincial immunization packages embrace the monovalent meningococcal C vaccine at 12 months of age and the quadrivalent meningococcal A, C, Y, W135 vaccine for school-age kids.

The province says it has no plans so as to add the MenB vaccine to this system.

“We take all our advice from the National Advisory Committee on Immunization,” says Dr. Sommers. “At this time, they only recommend the MenB vaccine for a very particular high-risk individuals, or if there’s been an outbreak.”

In 2015, a whole bunch of scholars at Acadia University had been vaccinated towards the B pressure in a free two-dose program after an outbreak on the faculty in Wolfville, N.S., brought about the death of 1 scholar.

Earlier that very same yr, Nova Scotia public well being expanded the sorts of meningitis lined in its faculty vaccination program after the death of 16-year-old Rylee Sears of Lower Sackville, N.S.

“Absolutely it should be included in health care,” says Alex Ryan, a part of his name to make the MenB vaccine accessible extra extensively, to stop any extra deaths.


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