Stiff person syndrome: Celine Dion’s diagnosis explained


Early Thursday, Canadian singer Celine Dion posted a message to Instagram suspending the remainder of her world tour which was set to continue in February.

Dion, 54, stated she was just lately recognized with stiff person syndrome (SPS), additionally referred to as Moersch-Woltman syndrome. It’s a uncommon neurological situation that provides individuals painful muscle spasms. There is not any treatment for the illness.

“I’ve at all times been an open e-book,” Dion says within the emotional video. “And I wasn’t able to say something earlier than. But I’m prepared now… I’ve been coping with issues with my well being for a very long time.”

SPS is described by the U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke as a dysfunction with “options” of an autoimmune dysfunction. It impacts the central nervous system and causes a person to have heightened sensitivity to noise, contact and emotional misery.

“Most generally, it impacts the muscle skeletal system the place individuals have actually a major quantity of ache, spasms that may actually have an effect on any muscle throughout the physique,” Dr. Scott Newsome, a neurologist on the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine informed CTV News Channel on Thursday.



Newsome says the illness is turning into progressively identified as a result of there are extra signs related to it together with eye muscle points and intestine issues.

“It probably is under-recognized,” he stated.

Hunched over or stiffened posture is a attribute of somebody coping with SPS, the U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke says. Newsome says it impacts twice as many ladies as males.

For Dion, this situation is impacting her capability to carry out.

“The spasms have an effect on each facet of my each day life typically inflicting difficulties after I stroll and never permitting me to make use of my vocal cords to sing the best way I’m used to,” Dion stated within the Instagram video.

Newsome says individuals often recognized with SPS are of their 40s or 50s, however it could possibly have an effect on kids and older adults as properly.

Although researchers will not be positive what causes SPS, Newsome says there are methods to alleviate the ache and signs.

“My strategy is this from a multifaceted remedy strategy,” Newsome stated. “The gold commonplace is treating individuals with muscle relaxers, however provided that it is an autoimmune situation, we do use immune-related therapies to assist after which different non-pharmacologic therapies (like) occupational remedy.”

As for Dion’s particular case, Newsome says having a “full workforce” will assist her obtain some form of normalcy once more.

“Keeping the holistic remedy on the forefront for treating individuals with this situation, I do assume individuals can enhance their high quality of life,” he stated.


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